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Argumentation Essay

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Argumentation Essay

The news has been revolving and quite a few of my readers must have already heard that the police department in the city has decided to install cameras in the downtown and other pedestrian areas . Now the point is , whether this idea will be feasible and successful or not Battling crime is very essential for any country to progress and to ensure the safety of the citizens and for this the

police department must take the best possible decisions that could help make the country crime free and also help the people to live peaceful life without any worries of being robbed , kidnapped , murdered or even harassment . With reference to the website of Justice those talks about the proposition whether it would be a good idea to install cameras or not and whether they would be effective or not . Following this , in to articulate my reasoning , I have also come up with certain questions that could be considered to come to the conclusion

Cameras do help in preventing crime however I think that they are not much effective . They can be used as a tool to replicate the police officers who have to be made available on duty for the safety of the citizens on the streets but logically , it is not a very good idea to install cameras as they simply cannot policemen...

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