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Argument on the issue of rising college tuition

Abstract : This is an effort towards explaining why college costs so much and why college tuition has outpaced inflation . The outcome of this research is that the current tuition costs are not unfair to students and are affordable if one keep the quality of education in mind

Rising College Tuition has been the bane for many families , often being the reason why they opt not to attend . Previously college tuition was affordably priced , but the costs associated with a college education such as stay , travel were prohibitory compounded with meager earning

levels . A popular belief is that post secondary /college education cannot be afforded by middle income American families in the face of escalating tuition . Yet another cause for speculation was in the 1990 's wherein endowments were huge yet college tuition kept rising

The rising tuition costs need to be viewed differently for public and private institutes . The reasons for rising costs in private sector can be attributed to increase technology costs , student services and financial aid along with increasing competition . In the public list all of the above are important along with the additional factor of withdrawal of state support

The fact of the matter is that Tuition fees are rising and are expected to go up further . There is an increasing stress on the importance of getting a college degree , especially since the degree gives one a better career start and leads to comparatively better salaries and hence combat the omnipresent inflation

According to a research by Ronald Ehrenberg , tuition at private colleges has been rising annually by 2 to 3 percent more that the inflation rate . The tuition at a college of repute was more than the average family income

Colleges of repute are greatly in demand , but the seats are limited and the seats are not rising in proportion to demand . Colleges are supposed to be non profit institutions and hence there is no incentive to add courses or capacity . The addition of either costs the college more than what it would be able to cover from the tuition charged . The preference is for colleges to conduct smaller focused classes with distinguished faculty and top of the range equipment and environment . The costs of providing the infrastructure vis-a-vis the number of students and hence tuition is more and hence leads to smaller number of students paying higher fees

Increasing number of aids and endowments enable students to pay more which indirectly induced colleges to raise their tuition . Hence we can see that without tuition aid , feed would continue to rise and students have no option but to drop the idea of a college education or be a working student . On the other option , increases in government aid increases student ability to pay the increased tuition fee . To sum it tuition fees are going to rise , because there is a demand for education .The fees are high because of the costs that the college incurs in being up to date and hence give...

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