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Approaches for Beginning SEI


Approaches for Beginning SEI


Writer , Osmania University


Structured English Instruction can be defined as "nearly all classroom instruction is in English but with the curriculum and presentation designed for children who are learning the language . It is an instruction for ELLs (English language learners ) that focuses on content and skills rather than the language itself uses simplified language visual aids , physical activity , and the physical environment to teach academic subjects . The approach for learning English is varied with the various

factors in the school like size of the class etc . Protocols like SIOP were also developed to improve the language for school children whose secondary language is English

Approaches for Beginning SEI 'Structured English instruction ' describes a program for educating language minority students in English . In other words it means an English language acquisition process for young children in which nearly all classroom instruction is in English but with the curriculum and presentation designed for children who are learning the language . It is intended to be a spiraling standards-based curriculum based on principles and research in second language acquisition

SEI models : SEI models are research-based models and include three major components like policy , structure and classroom practices . Application of the structure and classroom practices components results in various SEI classroom configurations because of the size of the school , the location of the school , grade levels at the school , the number of English language learners and the percentage of English language learners . One of the models in structure English provides instruction in English . Students will be taught English language skills and academic vocabulary in English . Students will be taught subjects using special methods in English , with primary language used for clarification , as needed

SEI approaches : Structured instruction is an approach for teaching content to English language learners in strategic ways that make the subject matter concepts comprehensible while promoting the students English language development . It also may be referred to as SDAIE (specially designed academic instruction in English . SDAIE focuses on teaching content (social studies , mathematics , science etc ) with modifications for intermediate language proficiency . SEI refers to a thoughtfully designed language-sensitive instructional approach meant to assist ELLs (English language learners ) in simultaneously acquiring English and grade-appropriate content area knowledge . SEI teachers develop their ELL students ' English language abilities through linguistically modified instruction in the content areas such as math science , and social studies . In SEI classrooms , teachers scaffold instruction using specific communication and text modification strategies to make English content comprehensible to ELL students with varying levels of English language proficiency . The sheltered instruction model is also distinguished by use of supplementary materials that support the academic text

Despite the potential effectiveness of SEI and its numerous implementations , it has failed to live up to English-only proponents false claim that ELLs can reach full English language proficiency in one year 's time . In fact , the magical accelerated language teaching attributes associated with SEI by its proponents are unsupported by statewide English proficiency test...

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