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Paper Topic:

Applications of Adult Learning Theory

Proposal for a Research on Transformational Learning Theory

Title of Project : Applications of Adult Learning theory Transformational learning theory as a case study

Aim : The primary aim of this is to make an overview into the nature of the Transformative Learning theory . At the end of this essay I intend to have shed light on the nature of transformative Learning - the meaning of tranformative learning , its importance , the methods used and its effect on education at large

Background to study : One of the major things that qualify us to be

humans is our ability to discern the meaning of all our experiences . It is not enough to digest what others tell us without proper scrutiny . We are in a world where we should be able to make a meaning of tings on our own and not rely on any outside source (s . This is the core of adult education . Transformational theory aids independent judgment

Significance : It is essential that humans think on their own and make decisions without relying on the other man . I think this makes any study done on this subject of utmost importance

Methodology : I intend to consult the library for journals and articles on the subject matter . Also , I make some interviews to vary the opinions of people on the subject matter

References to be Used : The primary source will be from Dr . Jack Mezirow author of Transformative Dimensions of Adult Learning and Fostering Critical Reflection in Adulthood : A Guide to Transformative and Emancipatory Learning ' Other materials will be from Lecture notes Internet articles and my Personal knowledge of the subject matter ...

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