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Application essay

Life has always brought about new and exciting details in the everyday endeavors of people . Some have taken the extra mile in to move forward and achieve dreams . I , for one , have bore witness to such predicament . I am a penniless international student who cannot speak fluent English . All I can hold on to is my dream and will to go on and become successful in life

I believe that dreams help people become better individuals . Education was considered to be the most important factor geared towards success and in to achieve

such , hard work and dedication should be exemplified in school . I remember about the first time I heard about college , when I was still in high school

This was the day when my older sister , best friend , soul mate , adviser and the person whom I 'm very proud of brought home IU posters and pamphlets . We spent the entire night reading and examining every single detail , and imagining how it would be feel to be accepted in the said university . Opening door and becoming friends from people from all over the world , and all walks of life , would be a great way to widen our perspective in Japan

Two years have passed , and my sister is no longer with me . She has been accepted at IU , where she is currently fulfilling her dreams and ambitions in life . Like my sister , I am now ready to face the challenges and realities that life had to offer . I...

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