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Application for Readmission

no-Application for Readmission

Reasons for leaving school

Given a chance I would rewind the clock and behave in a much better way . It is with great shame and regret that I write this letter seeking Readmission in this prestigious Graduate School . I had failed in my `Studio ' class at the end of semester , as I could not handle the pressure as a senior . I had a wrong sense of priorities and overestimated myself . Once I knew that my status was `dismissal , I knew I had to work harder to set things right

but I could not manage it . As a senior I had taken four classes and Internship . I was lacking in Time Management , became physically exhausted and this resulted in my poor performance and my dismissal .I can blame myself and no one else for my bad performance and dismissal . Looking back , I now realize how I should have pursued my goal and conducted myself . Instead , I lost my opportunity and was forced to spend a long period of regret

How I spent the past days after leaving school

I became that I could not face facts , people and myself for some time Thereafter , I have thought about my mistakes , ways and means of rectification and have formed my future plan . I have spent the intervening months productively , by reading a number of books and magazines related to my Major , giving me design motivation and inspiration . I am also learning computer programs related to my major such as 3D Max , sketch-up and Photoshop , strengthening these areas of my weakness . I keep editing my portfolio and am looking for an internship

Request for readmission

All the four years that I spent in the Graduate school will turn to nothing if I do not complete my graduation . I made a very big mistake and this one mistake at the end of the semester would ruin me for the rest of my life , unless I get readmission . Once I had betrayed the trust that my family and Faculty placed in me . Now , I am determined to put in the maximum effort possible and prove that I am a changed person . I have only one class left and my education would be ruined if I let this go unfinished . I humbly request the authorities to reconsider my case and grant me this chance to redeem myself I have learnt my lesson and my career is at stake . This failure will be my stepping stone to success only if I finish my graduation . I promise dedication and commitment to my duty and I am looking forward to another final chance


I have written your letter with the details provided by you . Each paragraph is the answer to the question you had written . I have written the heading in bold letters so that you will not forget to delete the respective headings if you think they are not necessary . Normally you do not write...

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