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Application of Nursing Theory to Practice

Application to Nursing Practice : Faye Abdellah 's Theory

This attempts to analyze and evaluate a relevant nursing conceptual model authored by a renowned nurse theorist - Faye Glenn Abdellah in light of a framework of analysis and evaluation of conceptual nursing theories and models . In addition this provides the insights and a critical evaluation of the author with respect to the main components of the theory . Another portion of this is an application of the said theory in a nurse-patient situation and how this ideology was able to influence the plan of action

and the delivery of care to the patient . A brief analysis is also presented to determine whether the presented nursing theory is still applicable to modern nursing practice

Dr . Faye Glenn Abdellah formulated her structural model with the goal of teaching and evaluating students and at the same time emphasizing the need to create a body of knowledge (Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing , 1998 . It is the belief of this writer that this body of knowledge was made exclusively for the nursing profession with the objective to achieve independence from the control of the medical profession toward patient-centered care and diagnosis . In addition , the typology had major impact on the nursing profession as well as on the development of other nursing theories , even when Dr . Abdellah drafted the typology of 21 nursing problems in the 1960s , within the edition of Patient-Centered Approaches to Nursing (Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing , 1998

Dr . Abdellah 's typology of 21 nursing problems is a conceptual model mainly concerned with patient 's needs and the role of nurses in problem identification using a problem analysis approach . Abdellah 's work is classified under the nursing philosophy category in the sense that her work is based on analysis , rationalization , research and logical argument instead of using experiential methods . It can be asserted that Abdellah 's model can be described as inductive since she derived observations from previous studies which became the basis for her conceptualization . These statements are not experimental in nature because such statements based on goal , traditions and /or values cannot be tested for its correctness or wrongness (Marriner-Tomey , 1994 , hence the classification of Dr . Abdellah 's model as philosophical

In analyzing and evaluating Dr . Abdellah 's theory , her work cannot be separated from the historical background where the conceptualization of the 21 nursing problems started . It was in the 1950s when the nursing profession faced a considerable amount of difficulties coming from speedy societal change and increasing demand for technological advancement . The methods and system used at that time did not hold up and meet the demands of the rapid change thus creating a backlog in the nursing community . There was a lack of definition of nursing - its focus , scope and limitations especially that healthcare delivery to patients is mainly based on achieving institutional goals rather than meeting patient 's needs . The present system did not assist both the students and professionals in...

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