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Application Essay for IB program

SEQ CHAPTER \h \r 1 The Student Application Essay should articulates the reason why a student applicant believes that he , or she , is suited for this International Baccalaureate program of studies

It has always been my dream and my desire to complete a higher education and be able to have a strong foundation upon which to build my success . I have many goals in life and , while I sometimes have not known exactly what route I wanted to take for my life , but I always knew that I wanted to be successful and

create a place for myself in the world The International Baccalaureate Program would be the perfect place for me to begin my journey towards becoming a successful professional who can both support herself and create a great life for her family , as well as make an effect on the world around me , beginning with my community This program would give me the opportunity to begin that journey towards a newer , better future in which I can show the world that just because you have a slow start , doesn 't mean you cannot accomplish a great deal with your life

I have had many struggles throughout my life , particularly in terms of my grades and my studies in high school . Subjects do not always come easy to me , and while I have not always had the highest grade in the class , the grades I have earned I have worked very hard for . I do not feel that any failure , either personally , professionally , or academically , is really a waste , because even when I have made mistakes I have learned a great deal from them and this has allowed me to become a better student and individual . I feel this way because not everyone is perfect or has an easy time of things , and by struggling myself I can better understand and appreciate other people with similar issues . This is why my goal of becoming a social worker or a businesswoman is so important to me . I believe that my background and my ability to overcome so much will make me into a better student in college and a better professional in my future career . I wish to challenge myself to become a better person , and this program would be a great starting place for my future

Whatever I do , I do with my full heart , even if I do not succeed right from the beginning . I am a very artistic person that enjoys exploring my own creativity and looking outside of the box . One of the hobbies that I have taken the most interest in has been drawing , and I have thrown myself into this with a great amount of enthusiasm . My drawing is very important to me as it gives me a creative outlet for all of my hopes fears , dreams and realities . I also play the flute , and this has taught me discipline and how important it is to see things through to the end It has...

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