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By Any Other Name

By Any Other Name

The story was about the experience of two young Indian girls in the English classroom . Primela and Santha Rama Rau were daughters of an Indian Diplomat assigned to make a tour of duty in the villages around the steamy little provincial town where he had his headquarters at that time . They were sent to Anglo-Indian school , perhaps the nearest to where they live which I supposed was a good one . But as we read in the first few paragraph of the story , we can notice that there was immediate

br attempt of discrimination on the following grounds : First , Indian children were made to sit at the back . Secondly , their names were changed to an English name as their Indian names poses difficulties to pronounce . It sounds that English Head mistress does not have any regard for the Indian culture about how names were given , and she does not want to be bothered by this difficulty coming from these mere Indian names . That is , simple down grading of the Indian children . And third Indians were regarded as `cheater

Analysis of the Story

The story is a beautiful recollection of Santha Rama Rau of her experience in that English classroom where she vividly recalls her days in that school until that day that had abruptly changed their lives a week after their first day in school

The story was full of descriptive phrases and also narratives that relate the readers ' mind back to the author 's childhood days . Indeed most of the situations both in the narrative and the prose contain picturesque of almost everything that she cited in the story

The Development of Plot

Santha Rama Rau , at her age of five and a half years old , seemed to have already an understanding of cultural significance behind names Though she was given quite a good English name , but when she was asked what her name was before a mix audience of English and Indian young students , she did not identify herself by the English name given to her Her attitude towards this was deliberate as she was obviously not comfortable using the name Cynthia , as it seemed to her of dual form of personality ' One for the school to satisfy the English Head mistress who had difficulty of coping with Indians names , and one is for her family where all the comforts , acceptance and loving care richly given her

For Santha Rama Rau , her Indian name means , she is in her own free world where she is well acquainted of everything , and enjoy the freedom to play , to explore that world and run there and here , jump or do whatever more she d to do together with her favorite playmate - the son of the cook , without fear of being scolded by strict discipline from school authority

The incident about her sister being told that Indians were cheater certainly affected her older sister Presnila , but the author though she she understood perfectly ' what was that mean , was not...

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