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Anwser these 4 questions in regards to Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller

Answer these 4 questions in regards to Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller

Pg . 1

1 ) Using the four levels of characteristics , physical , societal

psychological , and moral describe Willy Loman in Death of a Salesman

Willy Loman is a quietly dressed , balding , old man . Pass sixty years

old , overweight , walrus-like . He is slowly losing himself in a

depression where he finds himself not selling as well as he used to

and realizes he has become obsolete . He daydreams of the past , talking

to past dead friends as if they were still

alive . He is quick

changeable and fickle . Willy Loman believes in achieving through hard

work , however asks Biff 's friend Bernard to cheat for him on a Math

test so Biff can graduate and he cheats on his wife Linda , on the road

when he feels lonely

2 ) What does it mean when we say that a play follows a cause-

to effect arrangement of events ? The definition of cause to effect in a

play is anything producing an effect or result . A reason and motive

that causes an effect . To what extent does Death of a Salesman follow

such a pattern ? It follows such a pattern in the Act One when Willy

enters the house after coming from Florida and tells Linda he was

driving sixty miles an hour and kept going off onto the shoulder of the

road . Linda Loman finds an attachment on a rubber pipe in the basement

and is constantly afraid for Willy and themselves . She takes away the

rubber nipple every day and is afraid to mention it to Willy . Biff

gets a job interview for Bill Oliver 's , Willy Loman 's old friend . Biff

leaves after waiting six hours and steals the bosses pens who doesn 't

remember him . In the restaurant , Willy disappears into his daydreams

and runs out of the restaurant to get some seeds for his garden . And

lastly when Willy Loman runs out of the house and crashes the car

Answer four in regards to Death of a Salesman

By Arthur Miller PG .2

into a pole after Biff tells Willy he is not the big man he thinks he

is and that he is a dime a dozen because he cannot take the truth

3 ) What is a spectacle ? A spectacle is a public display or

show . What a few important examples of spectacle that contribute to the

dramatic effectiveness of Death of A Salesman ? In Act two in the

restaurant , Willy disappears into his daydreams after Biff tells him

about the failed job interview . He falls out of his chair and begins

screaming at the top of his voice in the middle of the restaurant as he

daydreams about Biff catching him at a hotel room with another woman

The next is when Willy leaves his bosses office and begins to daydream

about when Biff is getting ready for his school 's big game . He is

caught arguing out loud with nobody in the halls...

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