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The Ju 'hoansi , The Kapauku And Colonization

Depending upon the design of a particular indigenous societal infrastructure , the impact of colonization affected diverse indigenous nations differently . For the Ju 'hoansi the impact of colonization was significant and severe , ultimately leading to an aberration of their culture into an entity radically dissimilar from the original structure For the Kapauku of New Guinea , however , Dutch colonizers did not impact Kapauku societal structure as significantly mainly because the colonizers and the indigenous people shared a somewhat marginally similar internal political system . In to fully

understand the specific repercussions of colonization on these ethnic groups , a critical look at the societal structures before and after colonization must be examined

For the Ju 'hoansi , the colonizing country was South Africa which had been increasing its territorial expansion into other African nations Prior to the onset of South African rule , the Ju 'hoansi were primarily an egalitarian society based on the concept that communal responsibility required all members to collectively provide food to the group . The Ju 'hoansi kept to themselves peacefully and did not really make serious attempts to integrate with other Namibian groups . This would ultimately prove to be their social structure 's undoing as their lack of awareness regarding the implications of South African colonization of Namibia lead to the Ju 'hoansi becoming unwitting pawns

The South Africans knew very well that the Ju 'hoansi were excellent trackers , and were very eager to recruit them into the army . Nobody knew the bush in such an intimate way as the Ju 'hoansi did , and these skills were extremely valuable in a time of heavy guerilla warfare . The army certainly changed the very fabric of Ju 'hoansi culture forever . Money was introduced into a previously egalitarian , money-less society .many of whom now worked as South African soldiers in their fight against the Namibian liberation movement SWAPO ( Pfaffe


The influence of the introduction of a profit based , militaristic system into an indigenous society that was essentially a de facto socialist /syndicalism system was enormous . The very fragile and delicate social system of the Ju 'hoansi could not withstand the imposition of warfare and exploitation , and the roots of their ancient culture were shaken and maybe even destroyed forever (Pfaffe Eventually , the absorption of the Ju 'hoansi into a new world the South Africans created dragged them into a guerilla war that saw the Ju 'hoansi fighting on the wrong side . Eventually , the traditional Ju 'hoansi society began to erode as guerilla war dragged on . .the Ju 'hoansi have indeed been exploited and manipulated by many `masters leaving them behind in a despondent and marginalized situation (Pfaffe

For the Kapauku , the impact of the Dutch colonists was not as fierce as it was upon the social structure of the Ju 'hoansi . A reason for this is that the Kapauku 's societal and governmental systems shared similarities with Western ideologies as the Kapauku society rejected the concept...

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