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Forensic anthropology is a somewhat new sub-discipline of anthropology . In recent years it has received greater attention from law enforcement agencies . Forensic anthropology has been defined as a branch of physical anthropology that deals with the identification of skeletal remains known to be , or suspected of being human (Iscan 1981 ,


Forensic anthropologists seek first to determine whether or not the skeletal remains are that of a human being , and then they work to find out the gender , approximate age , and ethnicity or racial background They may

also be able to determine the time and cause of death . This information is used to assist law enforcement officers especially if they believe the person was a victim of a crime . Forensic anthropologists work with homicide investigators to identify a decedent , discover evidence of foul play , and /or the post mortem interval (What is Forensic Anthropology , n .d

Forensic anthropologists are sometimes referred to as bone detectives because they often help police solve complex cases involving unidentified human remains (Forensic Anthropology , n .d . They are able to discover a lot of information from examining bones . For example , they may be able to find out the height and weight of the person , and even conclude the person 's dominant hand , left or right-handedness . Some forensic anthropologists attempt to reconstruct the people 's life-styles . Police detectives often investigate the life-styles of crime victims to determine if that contributed to their deaths

Forensic anthropology plays an important role within the legal system by helping solve crimes and it will continue to be useful in the future


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