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Anthropological studies have determined and distinguished many indigenous societies and tribes , which can be traced as the roots of most of the major physiological and cultural ancestry of the present contemporary civilization . During the cultural and social development in the human civilization , most of these indigenous tribes have been affected and experienced drastic cultural changes from their traditional ones . Some merge with the others to create a larger and greater social group who used their powers and influence to dominate others while the other social minorities were dominated by greater

ones eradicating their personal socio-cultural nature

However at the present , there are still some indigent social tribes who were still able to preserve their own original nature and stay secluded from the major civilizations influence like that of the imperialism of west and the colonialism of the other dominant nations . These social minorities still managed to live with their traditional culture regarding their own lifestyles , occupation , social values and religions without influence from the major society at the present and the rapid globalization of the world . Thus with concerns to anthropological significance , these ethnic social minorities must be protected and freed to continue their traditional culture as a respective contribution to the preservation of the indigenous culture in the society

Among these remaining ethnic social minorities are the indigenous tribes of Cree and Martu . Both of these tribes have managed to preserve their cultural lifestyles of living with the use of their traditional methods of hunting and foraging for their survival needs and living utilizing the basic necessities that are abundantly and readily available in the environment they settled with . In addition , both of the two tribes also managed and continuously endure against the rigid location they settled with . For the tribes of Cree , they are known to commonly settle in the Rocky Mountains to the Atlantic Ocean in both Canada and the United States while the tribes of Martu are commonly located at the western deserts of Australian . In spite of the drastic geographical challenge to their social groups , they still managed to endured and survive preserving their traditional culture

In addition , in the course of history , many outside influences also threaten the orthodoxy of their cultures and traditions such as the government movements and policies of the major societies these ethnic groups actually live with . One of the major challenges for these ethnic groups is the preservation of their ancestral lands from government corporations and government 's land development projects . Another is the industrial development in the world thus leaving behind the indigenous culture of these social minorities to obsolescent and antiquated However , due to the anthropological significance of the cultures of these tribes , their needs for support for their preservation and continuous survival must be adequately addressed by the present society

The ethnic tribes of the Cree and Martu indeed hold certain degree of historical and anthropological significance in their traditional culture and lifestyle such as their value of being reflection of the past and the...

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