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Medical Anthropology : Nutrition and Growth

Thesis statement

The purpose of this is to critically analyze the importance of nutrition in the process of growth in the entire life span of a human being . The issue of growth and nutrition is rooted to the timely availability of the right quality as well as quantity of food


Majority of the death cases affecting children is as a result of malnutrition . The primary effects are usually associated with the weakening of the immune

system as well the potential of the body to resist illnesses . Malnutrition , therefore results from poor diet leading to frequent illnesses , a situation that is compounded inadequate care as far as the children are concerned . Malnutrition of the child is a likely cause of the retardation of the physical and mental development of the child . Malnourishment of the mother during pregnancy or the malnourishment of the child since birth up to two years of age greatly contributes to this situation . This situation is usually irreversible in the course of development of the child . The provision of nutritious food in addition to health care and a protective environment are some of the most important basic rights required by the children for the purpose of their growth and development

The proper care as well as feeding of a child is a true art with the requirement that the provider is equipped with the necessary understanding as pertains the development and the normal growth of the...

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