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Cultural ecology is the study of the relationship between different societies and their adaptation to their natural environment , the life they live and the ecosystem that support their way of living . In the cultural ecology , the environment is the main determinant and a major control of the dominance of the culture over the nature . Cultural ecology is a branch of cultural anthropology that deals with the study of the interactions of the societies and their interactions with the natural environment . Societies are a group of individual persons that

act within a given structure like the societal constrains

Cultural adaptation to the environment

According to Julian Steward , 1955 , the methodology of culture change , is the ways by which a culture change is influenced by the adaptation to the environment . From this perspective the physical natural environment affects the culture though it proves to be controversial for it shows that the natural environment is the main determinant over the human activities and actions (Barnett , 1992

The Stewards theory indicates and tries to analyze the methods and the technologies that are used to exploit the environment and how to earn a living from it , the patterns in which the human behavior follow and their adapted culture in making use of the environment and still it assesses in details how these behaviors influence the aspects of their culture

The Steward 's ideas on the cultural ecology are the most used method by the anthropologists and archeologists in their studies though they are...

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