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Annotated Bibliography

Works Cited

Cullen , J . The American Dream : A Short history of an idea that shaped the nation . Oxford

University Press . 2003

This is a compact book that details the author 's views about the concept of the American dream . It composes of in depth discussions on the different aspects of the dream such as life , liberty , and the pursuit of happiness . The author makes clear historical references in a roughly chronological manner that add to the veracity of his claims in tracing the roots of America 's patriotism . The book 's

portion on the pursuit of happiness was especially useful in giving a comprehensive view about where the ideal stemmed from and how it evolved

What is the American Dream . The Learning Page . 10 April 2008

http /international .loc .gov /learn /lessons /97 /dream /thedream .html

This is a website that contains a background discussion about the American dream . The source asks many questions about the dream and the historical figures that defended it . Some of the content of the were indirectly structured around answering the questions posed in this source

White , E .B . Once More to the Lake (1941 . 1941 . 29 November 2007

This is the most directly and extensively used source in the . The source details the thoughts of E . B . White , a renowned writer , about change and how it affects the people who experience it . This source was drawn upon in shaping the author 's own point of view about the pursuit of happiness as part of the American dream

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