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Animal-to-Human Transplants Could Save Lives






-Animal-to-Human Transplants

Thesis Statement : Animal-to-human transplants (Xenotransplantation should never be supported under whatever circumstance

Working outline

Thesis statement

Introduction to animal-to-human transplants (Xenotransplantation

Views of critics of animal-to-human transplant

Views of the Proponents of animal-to-human transplantations

Alternatives to animal-to-human transplants


Draft Essay

Animal-to-human transplantation is commonly referred to as Xenotransplantation . It involves the removal of organs from one species with an intention of suing the same to save the life of another species (Beauchamp , G .pp

.5-6 . Xenotransplantation involves the usage tissue and organ transplants from animals and then grafted into an ailing human being . Worldwide , the need for organ transplants is on the rise whereby approximately 180 ,000 people are waiting for an organ transplant However , out of all these only a small percentage of 30 succeed in receiving the transplants and die while waiting for the transplant (Thomson , H .pp .56-57 . Because of these much has been directed into research in to increase the number of organ and tissue transplants to be used to safe these ailing souls . On the other hand not all who succeed in receiving the transplant recover fully from their ailments whereby , some often experience and extended period of suffering as a result of organ or tissue rejection

Concerns about Xenotransplantation (Animal-to-Human transplants

Proponents of (Xenotransplantation ) animal-to-human transplants indicate that transgenic animals are likely to produce an unlimited supply of organs and tissues which will be used for human transplant as a result increasing the supply of these organs which have for many years been limited leading to loss of lives which have otherwise been saved However , Critics of Animal-to-human transplantation indicate that Xenotransplantation poses many challenges which need to be addressed (Mepham , T and Crilly Rpp .847-855 . Their concerns include Theological Safety , patient welfare , and cost and sustainability concerns

Theological concerns

The creation story inform its believers that all living thing are a creation of God and thus should coexist with respect for each other and for the complex as well as strange changes of the earth and its ecosystems . The churches who are the leading believers of creation urge its followers to respect the life of other creatures and never to engage in something that will jeopardize the existence of other living things As regard to animal-to-human organ transplant , Living with respect involves taking what we truly need to support life with dignity but not abusing or misusing the organs or tissues of other creatures to safe ours . According to the church , Xenotransplantation clearly transgresses the boundaries of species integrity that have evolved over the course of earth 's history , creating in-between ' species that are neither fully animal nor fully human (Abel , F pp .576 . We cannot seek to evade death at all Costs especially when it means endangering the health of society as a whole or incurring high expenditures that threaten our public healthcare system . It asks it followers to remember that in life , in death , in life beyond death , God is with them...

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