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Ancient and Pre-Modern Empires in World History

New Babylonian Empire : At A Glance





New Babylonian Empire : At A Glance

The land between the Euphrates and Tigris with cities adorned with several famous buildings after the plummet of the Assyrian empire during 612 BCE is called Babylonia and its capital is Babylon (Budge , page 1 Babylonian Empire remained a splendid city even after the domination of the Cyrus the Great (Abbott , page 13 . Alexander the Great and the Seleucid kings valued the city . The city started waning after the mid-second century p

The invasion of Babylonia by Cyrus was beyond question made possible by the turnout of foreign deportees like the Jews . The victory over Babylonia conveyed all the aspects of the policy of appeasement which Cyrus had adhere to

Cyrus never presented himself as a conqueror among his people , instead he presented himself as a liberator and the legitimate successor to the crown and he made a declaration written on a clay barrel known as the Cyrus Cylinder upon his supremacy of Babylon (Thomas , page 16 . His victories and merciful acts , as well as a documentation of his royal lineage was preserved on that barrel , furthermore the Cyrus Cylinder founded during 1879 in Babylon was kept in the British Museum at present (Wright , page 148 . The first charter of human rights was envisioned on the cylinder of Cyrus as it pronounces religious forbearance , slavery has bring to an end , independence in preference of profession and expansion of empire as the customary premises of Persian rule . Cyrus gained enthusiastic supporters by pursuing a policy of generosity instead of repression and by allowing local religions thus , he made a decree to rebuild the Temple by the Jewish and this allows the 40 ,000 Jews to leave Babylon and return to Palestine . Cyrus had no thought of forcing conquered people into a single mould that 's why the Jews honoured him as a dignified and righteous king . Cyrus was declared by the Jews as the only Gentile to be designated as messiah or divine-appointed king . Provincial administrations or satrapies headed by satraps were organized by Cyrus and considered their independence from the emperor and from many parts of the realm . Cyrus demanded other than tribute and conscripts . Freedom was served to every citizen of Babylon allowing them to realize their role as part of the realm . People under this empire find their identity and Babylon became the leading heart of learning

A year earlier to Cyrus ' death during 529 B .C .E , he acknowledged his son Cambyses II making him king of Babylon (Falk , page 196 . Cyrus still reserved for himself the fuller title as king of the other provinces of the empire . It was only when Darius Hystaspis obtained the Persian throne and ruled it , leading the Persian Empire to reach its greatest extent . The famous Royal Road was built during his domain . It improves ancient trade routes , thereby connecting far reaches provinces of the empire and he ed to move the administration to be at...

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