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Analytical Essay #1

p Analytical Essay 1


Treatment of the notion of sexuality is an important aspect of the society . As Michel Foucault aptly pointed out in his book History of Sexuality , sexuality is placed within the power discourse and used to promote the existing power relations . If the state needs to sustain or increase its population , thus it promotes the institution of family which legalizes sex for the sake of child-bearing as a result heterosexuality realized in marriage is considered normal , while the other sexual practices are announced to be deviant . This

report looks into the nature of the notions of hetero- and homosexuality , and argues that both these concepts are social constructs , and so are the notions of sexual norm ' or deviation , connected with them . This thesis is confirmed by research into the history of the terms , briefly mentioned in the report then the proceeds to exploration of the controversial social implications of homosexual subculture , which on the one hand positions itself outside the conventional society and on the other hand reiterates its gender norms and structure

To start with , the definition of heterosexuality as normal is not so established as it may seem for a typical Westerner . For instance , the sexual ethos of the Arabo-Muslim world is characterized by unique continuity that takes its roots from Greek and Roman antiquity and emphasizes general importance of male dominance , the centrality of penetration to conceptions of sex [and] the radical disjunction of active and passive roles in male homosexuality , which has been inherent to the Middle Eastern societies from the 9th century and up to now . In the Arabo-Muslim tradition , thus , heterosexual relations are not marked as the only norm , whereas both homo- and heterosexual relations are merely fit into the power discourse in terms of domination or submission : for instance , female sexuality is assumed to be passive and submissive , so that it asserts male activity and domination

Thus , the notion of normalcy ' in the Arabic sexual ethos is different from the European one : it is embedded in terms of domination and submission , rather than hetero- and homosexuality . This leads us to question heterosexuality as a universal biological norm for the humanity . This doubt in the immutability of heterosexuality as the norm further urges us to question the abnormality ' of homosexuality . Can the opposition of hetero- and homosexuality be regarded in terms of norm and deviancy ? If this is the case , then are biological norms applicable here ? Recent research indicates that both hetero- and homosexuality are not biologically preset patterns , but rather social constructs , the implications of which vary in different societies and on different stages of historical development

The terms hetero- and homosexuality ' were the inventions of the 20th century . They emerged , because sexual relations are firmly embedded into the power discourse , as the government of the country needs to control the birth rate of the population

This practical consideration is the primary factor that influences the decisions of the authorities with regard to regulation of sexual relations . If the...

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