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Analytical Summary Essay of The Glass Menagerie

The Glass Menagerie , from the lighting , staging , and use of Tom ' as the narrator . Crandall explains Williams experience as a viewer and screenwriter had a profound effect on his play he quotes biographer Lyle Leverich : he was in fact deeply impressed with the wide-ranging often poetic freedom of film itself , and this would influence his writing of The Glass Menagerie as well as other of his major plays (3

Music is also a significant influence on Williams . Nick Moschovakis Tennessee Williams ' American Blues : From the Early Manuscripts Through Menagerie ' points out

the references . He refers to Tom 's narrative describing the jazz club across from his apartment and what the music means . According to Moschvakis , the hot swing music ' at the Paradise Dance Hall cannot provide the kids ' with adventure itself , which according to Tom is what their nature instinctively seeks What jazz can do , instead , is to arouse and release their pent-up frustrated desires (38

Romance as a theme is perhaps central to the play . The play builds up to Tom and Amanda doing what they can for lost Laura . For a moment the dream appears to become reality as she opens up to Jim . Unfortunately Jim has no desire to return the romance . According to Bert Cardullo author of The Blue Rose of St . Louis : Laura , Romanticism and The Glass Menagerie ' Jim was not in love with her , he idealizes ' her , making a union impossible and out of Laura 's reach (Cardullo 83

All themes and many more exist in The Glass Menagerie and therein lay its importance . Williams ' masterpiece will maintain its emotional and academic impact on audiences and scholars as long as it is in print

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