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Analytical Essay on Epic of Gilgamesh


Symbol and Metaphor in the Epic of Gilgamesh

Civilization on Trial


This will focus on the nature of civilization and its relation to the lower , more animal part of man . Ultimately , this argues that civilization is self-defeating , and the sacrifices it requires cancel out any of its benefits . While Gilgamesh and Enkidu are more powerful together than apart , there is no reason to believe that they are more happy

The Epic of Gilgamesh is a story about the fate of man and , more

specifically , the nature of his accomplishments in the context of impending death . It is a battle between the virtues of civilization and the virtues of man in his natural , savage ' state . Hence , the products of civilization are on trial here . The society of Mesopotamia at the time was highly advanced , urban and possessed of technology and science Hence , it seems only natural that questions of civilization , and the sacrifices necessary to bring it about and maintain it , would be a central concern for the region

It seems that the gods , who play a substantial role in this epic , are just as human as the human beings in the drama . Typical of the pagan mentality , the gods are actually human beings with extraordinary powers not different from the modern superhero (rather than the God of the Hebrews or Christians . Gilgamesh himself is one third divine , as he descends from the mother goddess Rimat . But this is precisely the problem-being partly...

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