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Analysis of why women smile

Corey D . Royal Prof . Cooper Eng . 205 Nov 06th 2009 Amy Cunningham in her impelling study of Why Women Smile ' from the Norton Reader , offers us many revealing insights and ideas that she 's made as a woman analyzing the traditional reasons people , women specifically , smile . In her essay she goes on to discuss historical and social reasons for smiling and sometimes the consequences that come from what was thought to be meaningless smile . I shall begin my paper by discussing how Amy Cunningham analyzes the Phenomenon of smiling

in general , and when it is particularly related to American culture past and present . I want to discuss the psychological reasons she focuses on regarding smiling on an individual and on a collective basis . In the next area of my paper I will dwell on how gender influences smiling amongst men and women . This issue is very imminent in Robert Browning 's The Last Duchess ' when an Italian Duke becomes so infatuated with his wife 's ' beautiful smile that he grows extremely jealous when she smiles at others . The duke in the end has his wife killed in order for her smile to be his and his only . Next , I will discuss the role that cultural conventions play in the practice of smiling . I will also focus in the Renaissance convention and the Dutch Republic conventions as Amy Cunningham does . I also want to offer some insight on the conclusions that Jean Baudrillard offers about American smiling ' in the Regan era...

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