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Analysis of the poem “Horse”




September 12 , 2007

Analysis of the poem Horse

The poem entitled Horse ' is not just about the horse but also the culture and life of Mexicans . The poem Horse ' is a narration f the life of a horse with a connection to the life of Mexicans into the hands of Americans . It was a form of expression towards the oppression of Mexican people and culture . The horse in the poem is the representation of Mexico . As we all know , they are known for their horse culture , which

br can be seen through their different films , television shows , etc . like Zorro and its talented and intelligent horse . The purpose of this is to show the significance of this poem to the political , cultural , and physical struggle of Mexicans towards other races

The poet used tough words to show her anger towards the oppressing people . She also used series of events that will lead to the sufferings and discrimination of Mexicans in the end of the poem . The horse signifies Mexicans . As the poem narrates how the horse killed and sold the Mexicans were also treated the same . Mexicans hired and paid but not as legal employee or follower but a slave - killing them slowly . The buyer of the horse did not describe in the poem but it represents the Americans because of the green money that was paid to the seller

As the poet used tough words like the word thundering , she also presents her point of view and perspective towards the situation of Mexicans . She did not point out the true meaning of her expression because she used images that would help the readers understand what she is trying to impart . Aside from this , she did not put any name that would signify as the oppressor but she used money as the identifier . The poet is indirect with her statements and expressions because he used the part of the horse , children , and surroundings to show what is happening so at first , the reader would not think that she is referring to someone or something because she used animals and children . However , the irony is there because though she used innocent images , her attack is violent for she chooses to kill the horse in her poem

Based on my reading , I can say that the poet is angry because of her attack . We can see that she was already mad in the beginning of her poem up to the last through the images like thunder , symbols like steel , and characters like the seller and buyer . I can say that the poet refer her anger to the Americans because she used symbols that would represent as the Americans and the poem shows that the Americans are the buyer of the horse who seemed to be the buyer of the Mexicans . The poet used money to represent the Americans so I guess the poet wanted to say that Americans could do anything because of its money

As a whole , this...

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