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Analysis of the poem `Adams Curse` by William Butler Yeats

Analysis of the poem `Adam 's Curse` by William Butler Yeats

The poem Adam 's curse ' William Yeats is Nostalgic Love poem . It marries philosophy , love and a common religious belief to give a wonderfully crafted poetry . Again , the poetry romances nature , lingering on the night , personifying the moon and the stars and the sky

The poem was written when William Yeats ' first love called Maud Gonna went ahead and married another lover of hers . Perhaps , the pain was the reason for the poem , most probable , he must have felt like Adam

, when he was chased out of the Garden of Eden that was why he gave the titled to the poem . The poem comes in six irregular stanzas of a rhythm-like couplet . Its plot is a medley of memories of his meeting with his heartthrob , Muad , who was returning from a long journey . There were not alone together at the meeting , there was a third party who is probably a friend . The third person in the poem is the one referred to as the That beautiful mild woman , your close friend

and you and I

The poem is rich of symbols . In actual fact , the poem itself is a symbol of the pain of heart break which Yeat must have felt at the loss of the love he once cherished so much . The poem is a memory of one of the sweet time he had spent with his love , which he wished could be brought back and since it can not be brought back , he decided to use poetry to bring it back . So what he could not achieve in real life , he was trying to achieve it with poetry

We sat together at one summer 's end

the tone of the poem is that of love , the diction of the poem points this out explicitly . In clear words , Yeats shows that he cares so much about his lover I had a thought for no one 's but your ears

That you were beautiful , and that I strove

to love you in the old high way of love

However , married with the love is the tone of regrets , sorrow and pessimism . The Adam 's curse of symbolizes a sign a resignation to the ordained doom as predicted by God The allusion to the biblical story of Adam , shows the tragic nature of fate . The inevitable nature of his regret of not being able to forever have his love for keep . The poem goes philosophical , trying to give a plausible reason to why both of them can be together forever . Yeat claims that since the fall of Adam that , God has cursed man anything man does will be laboured for , thus the reason for the difficulty he is experiencing with his love . Love has now become so hard to achieve that it has been taken apart and become worthless Our stitching and unstitching has been naught

Yet now it seems an idle trade enough

The poem gives meaning to all...

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