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Analysis of Romance Son

Behind the Imagery of Lorca 's

Romance Sonambulo

Verde que te quiero verde . Green , how I want you green . Thus begins the powerful scene in Lorca 's poem Romance Sonambulo . First-time readers would see unfolding for them the passion of a man longing for his gypsy maiden by the balcony , with the green flesh , green hair and eyes of cold silver . The poem , however , remains strangely ambivalent as to its exact interpretation - there is no definitive word that captures the central idea behind the Romance Sonambulo . Those who would give a

cursory glance at the author 's life would probably be captivated by his death at the hands of the Falangists during the Spanish Civil War . This death by Federico Lorca , itself , would represent the martyrdom of many an artist and poet and the loss of Spain 's youth to war it would certainly attach to Romance Sonambulo the value of a war tragedy

This interpretation , however , is anachronistic . The poem , written in the general work Primero Romancero Gitano (Gypsy Ballads , was published in 1927 . Though Lorca 's work may seem prophetic in its portrayal to those who would interpret it as about a war that exploded in the 1930s most certainly this was not the original intent of the author . It may also be that his intention was that it not be read as something with a central idea or tale , but a vista of images revolving around a central tragic theme within his own life

Federico Garcia Lorca...

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