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Analysis of Oda al tomate by Pablo Neruda

br 2205706 Analysis of Oda al tomate by Pablo Neruda Analysis of Oda al tomate by Pablo Neruda Determining a speaker or a setting with any certainty regarding Pablo Neruda 's poem "Oda al tomate " is a challenging task . Neruda offers very little in the way of formal setting or narrative point of view in the poem . The best indication given in the poem about the nature of the poem 's speaker is the title "Ode to the Tomato " which implies , by the word "ode " that the poem is , at least in some respects

, meant to represent a traditional form of poetic expression . The poem , itself however , is not composed as a traditional "ode " and lacks any obvious stanzaic structure altogether . rather than being written in a traditional form "Ode to Tomatoes " is expressed in idiosyncratic free-verse , with short , clipped lines and a conspicuous absence end-rhyme , as well as a lack of a refrain or chorus which one would typically associate with an ode . So , if the form of the poem is not one which is typically associated with an "ode " then why did Neruda bother to name his poem "Ode to Tomatoes ? One answer lies within the context of speaker and setting for the poem that is , the title of the poem implies for the reader that the poem 's speaker is , in this case not an adopted persona , but the poet himself . The poem represents the poet speaking directly to an audience . The setting , then , by implication is that...

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