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Analysis of an artist work




6 June 2009

Hannah Wilke

Hannah Wilke was one of the first female artists to explore different art forms such as sculpture , photography , performance art , conceptual art and many others . But she became known for her gum sculptures that were shape liked the vulva of the female reproductive organ . Because of this , she earned her right to be considered as one of the most innovative and at the same controversial 20th century artists (Hannahwilke .com

Born in New York City ' in 1940 , her artistic background started

when she enrolled in a Stella Elkins Tyler School of Fine Art , Temple University , Philadelphia ' wherein she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Bachelor of Science in Education in 1962 ' Wilke 's career was mostly composed of conducting workshops , attending conferences and forums on women 's art and teaching high school and college students about art (Hannahwilke .com

In 1972 , Wilke launched her first one-woman gallery exhibitions The artworks were mainly ceramics and sculptures including In Memory of My Feelings ' which is a latex wall piece ' and Recent Painting and Sculpture ' Then in 1974 , she was asked to join feminist publications `Anonymous Was a Woman ' and `Art : A Woman 's Sensibility a Feminist Art Program , Cal Arts ' Due to the numerous exquisite artworks that Wilke was able to generate during her career , she received several financial grants form art organizations like the National Endowment for the Arts and Ohio University , Athens , Ohio ' wherein she made her signature vaginal sculptures...

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