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Analysis Of "The Wog" and "A Meeting In The Dark"

Analysis Of "The Wog " and "A Meeting In The Dark 2005

Question 1

In Ngugi wa Thiong 'o 's A Meeting in the Dark ' western education plays a critical part in John 's sense of fulfillment as an individual . He is drawn towards the promise of progress by going away to college in Makarere , Uganda having completed the available schooling in his village , Limuru , in Kenya . However , he has a commitment to the most beautiful girl in the village (Wamuhu ) whom he has made pregnant . He tries to rationalize the option

of leaving Limuru without Wamuhu by giving the excuses of her not being educated

In Khushwant Singh 's "The Wog , a man with western education was regarded as an ub-indian or Wog (Westernized Oriental Gentleman ) and would hold views at great variance with those of the natives . Examples of these are illustrated in the events leading to and following Sen Santosh 's marriage to Kumari . A betrothal party was denied the bride 's family in favor of a registry wedding . Also , it was the native custom that the bride should be escorted by a younger sister . Sen skirted this requirement and took his wife on an English honeymoon unaccompanied . As illustrated by the eventual suicide of Sen 's wife , it is obvious that the fabric of the stability of society could easily be at risk if a balance is not maintained between the local beliefs and the norms of western education

Question 2

In "A Meeting In The Dark , Ngugi wa Thiong 'o suggests that religion is a dividing factor for the indigenes of the village . The Church frowned on relationships between daughters of the tribe and their sons in faith and gave their different views on circumcision as the reason for this The tribe required a woman to be circumcised while the Church disagreed with this custom

In "The Wog , Khushwant Singh indicates that Hindu religion was a way of life from creating a temple for burning incense and for worship , to the Hindu wife having to wait for the husband before eating , to the seclusion of the purdah . All these were contrary to the religious views of the typical Wog

Analysis Of "The Wog " and "A Meeting In The Dark

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