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Analysis Of Popular Mechanics by Raymond Carver

As previously stated , there is little to no context of this story , thereby making it impossible for the reader to fully understand the situation . However , because there is so much at stake in this story , the reader becomes invested in a different manner . Not only is this couple splitting up in a clearly difficult and emotional way but there is a child involved , and clearly nothing has been decided for the most positive scenarios of any of the people in any of the situations . In fact , the situation is cleared up because of

physical force between the two people , and the story ends with the phrase In this manner , the issue was decided ' The issue is decided because of the violence directed toward the child , and that the two people in the relationship use their child as a weapon makes the situation incredibly dramatic , forcing the reader to be invested in the child 's life and the relationship between the two protagonists

Raymond Carver 's Popular Mechanics ' is vague and has little to no detail , but this allows the reader to become invested in a particular manner and demonstrates the abuse that children go through because of parents separating . Because of the lack of detail and information regarding the characters , the reader is forced to imagine and place their own experiences inside the story more than they otherwise would making the story more universally applicable than a story with vastly more detail . Indeed , it shows that domestic violence and conflict exists in many different types of situations and among different types of people . Further , the lack of exposition further reduces the reader 's accurate knowledge of the situation while the extreme drama of the story causes the reader to become more invested and judge the actions of the characters in...

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