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Paper Topic:

Analysis of Leadership Styles

An Analysis of Personal Leadership Style


This includes an analysis of my personal leadership style , taken from different survey instruments primarily designed for analyzing leadership styles . These instruments aim to evaluate a person 's leadership style , and give his strengths and weaknesses as regards to having such style

Overview of Survey Instruments

In this particular study , there were four (4 ) survey instruments used - About .com 's leadership style survey based on psychologist Kurt Lewin 's three (3 ) leadership styles Prentice Hall 's leadership style survey based on

Sergiovanni , Metzcus and Burden 's Toward a Particularistic Approach to Leadership Leadership Legacy Assessment : Identifying Your Instinctive Leadership Style and Keirsey 's Temperament Sorter

The leadership style survey of About .com based on psychologist Kurt Lewin 's study primarily focuses on the three types of leadership styles - authoritarian leadership or autocratic , participative leadership or democratic , and delegative leadership or laissez-faire and aims to identify what kind of a leader a person is

Lewin and his team 's study on leadership style started in 1939 and they were able to establish three major types of leaders which became very influential in the identification of more specific leadership styles (Wagner , 2009 . In the research , Lewin 's team had three groups of schoolchildren , with each group having a different type of leader . The arts and crafts class was then held and the researchers further observed the schoolchildren 's behaviors with regard to the type of...

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