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Analysis or Interpretation of the poem Sadie and Maud

br Interpretation of Sadie and Maud ' 1

Running Head : Interpretation of Sadie and Maud

An Interpretation of Gwendolyn Brooks ' Sadie and Maud ' Interpretation of Sadie and Maud ' 2


Sadie and Maud ' a poem written by Pulitzer Prize winner Gwendolyn Brooks , is an ironic depiction of the lives of two sisters . Maud went on the socially acceptable track of going to college , while Sadie stayed at home and did what is generally considered as against the mores of society . Ms . Brooks ' poem tackles how these two women 's choices in life

dictate their future . In a cynical twist of fate , Maud ends up desolate despite doing what is socially correct . In contrast , Sadie does what is socially wrong , but ends up happy about having lived her life to the fullest . Ms . Brooks cleverly uses sound and rhythm to entice her readers to probe deeper into the real message of Sadie and Maud

Interpretation of Sadie and Maud ' 3

An Interpretation of Gwendolyn Brooks ' Sadie and Maud

Written by Gwendolyn Brooks , the poem "Sadie and Maud " whimsically reflects how the choices two women make affect their lives . Maud adheres to society 's dictates by making the "right " choice in life and goes to college . Because the poem is written in an era when education is considered as the key to success , the reader assumes that Maud will have a better future than Sadie . Nevertheless , Maud ends up living a cheerless , lonely life . Sadie , in contrast , makes the "wrong " choice according to social mores , but ends up happy . The poem suggests what the true sources of happiness in life are

The poem is aptly titled , with the first two lines placing the distinction between the two women and the paths they have taken "Maud went to college . Sadie stayed at home (Brooks , 1-2 . These two statements entice the reader to form impressions of the two women Because Maud went to college , there is a hint of success and contentment in the future . However , because Sadie stayed at home , one gets the impression that her future would be bleak and destitute . The poem however , wryly introduces a twist . Sadie ends up living a spirited existence , as compared to Maud 's forlorn life

Between the lines of the poem lies a powerful message concerning stereotypes , or certain roles by which people conform to because they want to fit in with society . Sadie breaks away from the stereotype of a "good girl " by , first , not going to college and , second , by having two children out of wedlock . Society , portrayed in the poem by "Maud and Ma and Pa , is infinitely ashamed of Sadie . As a result , the reader is left with an limentary feeling towards Sadie , and a wary pity towards Maud

At the end of the poem , the reader is given a glimpse into what the future brings for Maud . Interpretation of Sadie and Maud ' 4

Although earmarked for success , Maud ends up far from one . Ms . Brooks eventually likens her

to a "thin brown...

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