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Analysis of Duchamp's works





Marcel Duchamp 's Fountain and the Dadaist Movement

This is a paper about the Dadaist movement and a work of art that is very representative of Dadaist philosophy : Fountain by Marcel Duchamp The Fountain is one of the most controversial works of art ever . Many argued at the time that it could not be considered art . At first glance it began as away to test the integrity of an art society 's rules for how and what it would consider to be a work of art

. It is more complex than this as will be shown . The controversy it raised also forced a re-assessment of the definition art ' It embodied the Dada movement 's irreverence for the rules of a society that had gone mad . To understand Fountain in relation to the Dadaist movement , we must first understand Dadaism and why it emerged as a movement in the early 20th century . The history of Fountain and its creator will be told . Finally , these individual parts of the story will be assembled to give a complete picture of the significance of Fountain as work of modern art

The First World War removed any glamorous or noble image of war that may have remained from the days before the mechanization and streamlining of the weapons of war . The death and suffering brought about the Great War had a great effect on soldiers and civilians alike The number of people killed and wounded was terrible enough . It was the...

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