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Analysis of Arthur Millers `Death of a Salesman`

Research Proposal- Death of a Salesman

Death of A Salesman ' as a Tragedy

Perhaps no other play of our time has met as much controversy as Arthur Miller 's Death of a Salesman i .e . is this play a trgedy ? Is Willy Loman a tragic Hero

This will analyze the Death of a Salesman as a tragedy according to the Aristotelian concept . But as there can be limitations on proving this play as tragedy according to tragic conception presented in Poetics , so it will analyze modern conception of tragedy as elaborated

by Arthur Miller himself

Arthur Miller 's Death of a Salesman ' is a tragedy according to the classical and modern conception of tragedy

Review of literature

Aristotle . Poetics Translated by S . H . Butcher . Classics Archives MIT 30 Apr . 2008

HYPERLINK "http /classics .mit .edu /Aristotle /poetics .html http /classics .mit .edu /Aristotle /poetics .html

This presents the classical concept of tragedy as devised and elaborated by Aristotle in 3500 B .C . Almost every tragedy is measured according to parameters dived in poetics . It presents the elements of tragedy characteristics of a tragic hero and explains the nature of tragic flaw .Martin , Robert A . The Nature of Tragedy in Arthur Miller 's "Death of a Salesman

South Atlantic Review . 61 . 4 (Autumn , 1996 . 97-106 . Retrieved on April 30 , 2008 . Website

It discusses thenature of tragedy and its various components with special reference to Death of a Salesman

Jacobson , Irving . Family Dreams in Death of a Salesman . American Literature . 47 . 2 (May , 1975 . 247-258 . 30 Apr . 2008

HYPERLINK "http /www .jstor .org /pss /2925484 http /www .jstor .org /pss /2925484

This article considers the play as family and social drams and draws conclusion about modern tragedy and its thematic expressions

Kernodle , George R . The Death of the Little Man . The Carleton Drama Review . 1 . 2 (1955 -

1956 . 47-60 . Retrieved on April 30 , 2008 . Website

HYPERLINK "http /www .jstor .org /pss /1124624 http /www .jstor .org /pss /1124624

This article discusses the modern tragedy on common man and takes into account Willy Loman as a tragic hero

Klinghoffer , David . Undying Salesman (Arthur Miller 's `Death of a Salesman . National

Review . 1999 . Retrieved on April 30 , 2008 . Website

p Miller , Arthur . Death of a Salesman . New York : Viking Press . 1981

It is the text of the play

Miller , Arthur . Tragedy and the Common Man . 1949 . 30 Apr . 2008

p This article is Arthur Miller 's views on tragedy where he denounces the old concept of tragedy and devise a new conception of tragedy and tragic hero

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Death of A Salesman ' as a Tragedy

Death of A Salesman ' is a tragedy of our time and of our society Willy 's failures and disillusioned reveries are parallel to those of any twenty first century American national . But fault lies with his direction i .e . completely opposite to the common social current and hence he meets his catastrophic fortune . The most dominating theme of the story is that of "American...

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