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Americas Social view of Homosexuality


The subject of Homosexuality has been controversial during the past several years . Homosexuality has been documented to as early as the Greco-Roman period although it is a relatively new form of discrimination and bias as compared to sexism or racism (Fone 2000 Gays and lesbians have begun their fight for equal rights as early as the 1950 's and culminated in the year 1969 in a rebellion at the Stonewall Inn in New York City . Accordingly , Fone (2000 ,

11 ) stated that liberation produced a new gay culture which took root

in the form of protest and political activism , but also influenced education religion , entertainment , the media , and material culture in what was called the homosexualization of America

According to Jeni Loftus (2001 ,

163 , since the Stonewall riots [Lesbians and gays] have gained social acceptance among certain subgroups of the population while facing increased hostility from others ' Losftus (2001 ) also utilized the General Social Survey data from the years 1973 to 1998 in to test the acceptance of Americans toward homosexuals . Previous researches on the attitude of individuals towards homosexuals have consistently been on the negative side (Louderback and Whitley Jr , 1997 . The rampant prejudices against homosexuals have been effectively documented in several studies with college students as samples (Kite 1994 ) and representative surveys (Herek and Capitanio 1996 . Over the years , the overall attitudes of individuals towards homosexuals have become more accepting and tolerant due to the increasing liberal opinions and the importance placed nowadays on civil...

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