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American Revolution

The American Revolution

Why the American Revolution took place is both a complex and a very complicated question . So many factors were at play when the war took place that one can not really look to one single impetus which the War for Independence Nevertheless there are many factors which motivated the colonists to revolt and put their lives on the line to create a new country . The first , and perhaps the most prominent reason , was taxation without representation . For years , the King George III had taxed the colonists heavily , despite

the fact that they had no representation in Parliament . Now , after the French and Indian War ended in 1763 , the King George 's government coffers were empty . He had just fought a long and costly war with the world 's foremost superpower - France . Though Britain had won the war , it left the nation bereft of cash . So , King George went back to the classic European Mother country 's idea of mercantilism . This was the idea that , economically speaking , colonies were to exist entirely to make their Mother Country wealthy . And , besides , King George reasoned that Britain had been sent to the poorhouse because they had just fought a very long and costly war defending these colonies now , he least the Colonies could do was to show their gratitude by paying higher taxes This led to the introduction of various taxes , or acts , as the British Parliament referred to them . Acts like the Sugar Act increased the price of sugar...

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