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American History Unit II Multiple Choice MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS

Question 1

The Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798 resulted in

President Adams ing the deportation of large numbers of aliens

the government imprisoning over fifty Republican politicians

sharp criticism of the legislation by George Washington

the state legislatures ruling the acts null and void

the Federalist administration convicting ten Republicans of criticizing the government

Question 2

Alexander Hamilton and James Madison joined forces in an attempt to

call for a convention to correct the defects in the Articles of Confederation

defend the power of the Confederation Congress

to impose a tariff duty on imports

produce a quorum in the Confederation Congress to ratify the Peace of Paris

strengthen states rights under the Articles of Confederation

end slavery in the Tidewater Region

Question 3

Three weeks after the American Revolution began in 1775 , delegates from all colonies except Georgia met to discuss possible courses of action at the

United States Congress

Confederation Assembly

House of Burgesses

House of Commons

Second Continental Congress

Question 4

The Declaration of Independence was derived primarily from

other colonial local `declarations of independence`

the Magna Charta

the writings of Thomas Hutchison

the Bible

the Mayflower Compact

Question 5

Alexander Hamiltons programs and influence led to the creation of an opposition group known as the

Federalist party

Republican party

Liberty party

Whig party

Antifederalist party

Question 6

When Thomas Jefferson looked to the future , he hoped that the United States would become a country dominated by

independent owners of small farms

wealthy owners of large plantations...

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