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American History 1492-1865

1 . The most important historical event that occurred between 1492 and 1865 was the American Civil War . Sparked by issues such as states rights and the many aspects of slavery , it was a four-year war in which the country split in two and fought against each other for principles each side strongly believed in . The importance of this particular war in American history cannot be emphasized enough . Had this war not occurred there is a great likelihood that slavery would have continued , in turn allowing slaveholders to make increasingly high profits in the

cotton industry . Had this been the case , events such as the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s and the recent election of the first African-American president may not have occurred . Therefore , for America to be the nation it is today , it was essential that the Civil War occurred

2 . The most important historical figure that lived between 1492 and 1865 was Andrew Jackson . This may seem to be an odd choice , but theless , a good one . Jackson 's importance lay in the fact that he was the first president of the United States that was not from the planter aristocracy . Rather than being a representative of wealth and prestige , Jackson was representative of the common man , and he was the embodiment of the concept that hard work and diligence can and do ultimately pay off . Although there are aspects of his presidency that can be considered terrible , overall , his place in history is solidified as the first...

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