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What is your American Dream?: Describe your dreams for the future and your plans for making your dreams a reality.

No dream is more precious and unique than the dream of the dreamer itself . Every dreamer has a unique and artistic idea for the future This is one of the driving forces that made every human being eat , work and strive . However , achieving success is not like stepping on a bus and from one moment you 're on another place . It is strived hard and one should have the patience and perseverance to achieve his dreams

Many have said that poverty is not a hindrance to success (it is only a hurdle . We

'll agree with that . Although everybody has a chance to be successful , we can 't deny that not everyone is given the same chances and opportunities like others have . Still , if one will strive harder and not loss faith then definitely his dreams will be achieved

The same with other dreamer , I also have a unique and precious American Dreams . Some of these are means and ways to achieve itself but the extent is to have family and husband /financial security able to continue providing help for my grandmother and elderly uncle

One of my dreams is to finish college . This is common for undergrads Then continue y education , ultimately be accepted into a prestigious Law School (CORNELL School of Law , then become an attorney , continue schooling to have a doctorate degree and become a pallet judge

For some this is impossible to achieve but with His grace and my faith this will be achieved . I know it 's not easy to put my dreams into reality . It needs effort . As I 've stated , everybody is given an opportunity and unique opportunity to achieve it . It needs courage and determination knowing what I 've gone through . I 've lost my father during the hurricane Katrina and my mother died when I was 17 . Now I have a baby whom I 'm raising alone . Everybody knows how hard a single parent is and how difficult the role of a student parent

Well anyway , it 's a step by step process . I should not magnify the problems and hurdles . It should be seen and treated on its weakest point . In other words I will gradually solve the problems and achieve my goals . It 's like walking a mile it started with a single pace . Try to imagine walking a mile , its hard and tiring right ? But try to walk pace by pace without minding the long path then you won 't notice and can 't believe that at another moment you finish the mile walk

I like the saying of Thomas Edison about opportunity , he said Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overall and looks like work . Well , everything is a hard work . There 's only basic plan for these dreams , have courage and focused on the dreams I 'll take another pace to go a mile . I 'll continue what I 've started and this will serve as a plan for the future...

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