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American Criminal Justice - Systems and functions

Running Head : American Criminal Justice Systems and Functions






American Criminal Justice Systems and functions

Criminal justice is the system of legislation , practices and institutions used by the federal , state and local governments to maintain social by controlling crime and punishing those who violate the set laws with criminal penalties . In the past , the society had their own ways in which they controlled behavior of individuals and groups so that social would be achieved . Most societies were controlled by norms , beliefs and values

which ensured every individual or group confirmed to the societal set values . The indigenous societies sanctioned the members who did not conform to the societal values and norms . Type of sanction differed from society to society . In some societies , those who violated societal values by engaging in criminal and deviant behavior , for instance , rape , the individual in most societies was perceived as bad omen and the sanction included communication from society or burning the person into ashes . The sanctions encouraged conformity in the society (Cole , 1999

In the modern times , norms still control behavior in some societies by immigration and intercultural interactions have limited the behavior control through norms . America in particular is inhabited by people from different nationalities and cultures and therefore becomes the ideal control tool for crime . American Criminal Justice systems present a uniform system that control behavior of individuals regardless of race , religion , culture or ethnic group and hence assist in maintaining social in the American society

The Criminal justice policy in the United States has been guided by the 1967 president 's commission on law enforcement and administration of Justice which issued initial report ' the challenge of crime in a free society ' The commission advocated a systems ' approach to criminal justice . The President 's commission defined criminal justice system as the means for society to enforce the standards of conduct necessary to protect individuals and the community (Cochranc , Melville and Marsh 2004 Feinman , 1994

In America , the law enforcement agencies include police prosecutors courts , defense attorney and corrections which are concerned with arrest , charging adjudication and punishment of those found guilty hence maintaining social

In the ancient time , especially in the Middle Ages , common forms of punishments included exile , payment to victim in case of violent crimes lack of payment attracted harsh penalties like corporal punishment in form of mutilation , flogging and sometimes execution . The present criminal justice systems try to ensure fairness and justice

Past data indicate that the society in US did not respect police as law enforcers until 1920 .s when the police adopted new technology and placed emphasis on community policing following urban unrest . Introduction of comp stat in 1990s , in the police departments has assisted the police to track criminals and the criminal justice system hold police responsible for dealing with crime problems . The interaction between the police and the community through community policing has assisted in tracking criminals

Criminal law in America involves persecution of an individual by...

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