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America is in the heart by Carlos Bulosan analysis

Valid in this case , the author does not claim it to be typical of Filipino-American experience . His eventual reunification with his family also constituted such a happy ending that may not be a commonplace experience during his time because of distance and financial constraints

Although the book conveys the author 's honesty , a downside of it is its lack of complexity . The presence of consistent historical , time and place references could have made it a more useful source for Filipino immigrant studies . These references enable us to put into proper context

such personal experience , contributing to our further understanding of it

Because experience is removed from its social context , we can not judge it to be representative of the immigrant , colored or Filipino experience and much less representative of the sector 's experience during the early to mid 1900 's . Its value is appreciated through a deeper understanding of the Philippine social context , early American laws and norms with regards to immigrants and that period characterized by the Great Depression

It complements existing studies and researches on the plight of Filipino-American immigrants by providing an actual experience to theoretical frameworks . It also serves as a concretization of concepts of race and ethnicity which may be unfamiliar to many Americans . Because of his background as a union organizer , the work as expected , espouses Marxist or Socialist ideas characteristic of the labor movement

Still , the strongly worded concretization of an immigrant 's experience serves to remind every American about our disregard , misconceptions or denial of the existence of racial discrimination . It challenges us to search for the causes of our prejudice and to develop our society to conform to our ideals . This work is central to the theme of multi-culturalism and the need for acceptance and tolerance


This book is for...

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