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Should America Adopt Public Financing for Political Campaigns?

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Should America Adopt Public Financing for Political Campaigns

Election battles can be a nightmare to fight and hence the need for money . The United States elections are mostly funded by individuals and groups , the taxpayers , and not the government . In 1976 , Congress enacted partial public financing for presidential campaigns . Experts believe that if this system remains unchanged , it might lack finance and relevance in the future . Discussions have been held over finance of political campaigns with many differing opinions over the issue

. Since money is a great determining factor in elections , large corporations and workers unions and individual groups have come up to donate large chunks of money for their favored political parties . Critics have come up with several reasons to condemn such private financing arguing that such acts encourage corrupt politics and government as they seek special interests (Samples , 2005 . The question still lingers , should America adopt public financing for political campaigns

Political campaigns are very expensive and candidates need money for advertising , travelling , support staff , and public appearances . Unless those seeking public offices are extremely rich , most must seek financial help from individuals , organizations or businesses . There are also limits on contributions set by the state and federal laws that require discloser and record keeping of contributions . Before Congress made changes to the Federal Elections Campaign Act of 1971 (FECA ) in 1974 , most campaigns were financed by wealthy donors and corporations When it was amended , contributions to political parties and individual candidates , overall...

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