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Alternative Energy Sources




Sustainable development is a famous buzzword today . Climates around the world are changing for the worse and much of the causes of these changes are related to human activity . Most activities , especially in the industrial field , and energy sources for the large part of the century have high levels of emissions of greenhouse gases and other dangerous substances ( Sustainability Network Update ) These emissions are the main causes of pollution , global warming and other environmental conditions that threaten people 's health , lives and survival . These

environmental problems are slowly becoming international concerns that merit the attention of many countries in the world

Japan was standing amid this "growing consciousness of environmental issues ( Measures and Policies ) These growing concerns as regards the state of the environment is one of the things that prompted Japan to look for alternative sources of energy . A realization that the current system of energy generation is not sustainable made the country , like other countries in the world , look farther in the future to see what it would look like if current practices were not stopped

The second factor is its growing dependence on other countries for its energy needs . Japan imports virtually all of its oil from other countries . Because of lack natural resources , it imports 80 of the energy it uses from other countries , more especially oil coming from the Middle East . Therefore , it is easily affected by external factors relating to energy such as the oil shock in 1973 ( Energy Measures and Policies Japan 's Nuclear Power Nuclear Power in Japan

Several possible sources of energy were discovered and tested in Japan However , this essay will focus on only two of them . This essay will discuss nuclear power and solar power as possible sources of energy in Japan


Japan 's Nuclear History

Japan 's nuclear research is a part of Japan 's policy to promote stable energy supply while meeting the demands to prevent global warming and improve economic efficiency ( Measures and Policies ) Japan , having scarce energy resources and natural resources , it becomes logical for the country to make use of its potential to use nuclear energy and to establish a domestic nuclear fuel cycle as a long-term energy policy Being dependent on a very large degree to energy supplies from other countries , the exploitation of an independent fuel supply structure that nuclear power generation may provide becomes an attractive option ( Japan 's Nuclear Power Nuclear Power in Japan ) The oil shock of 1973 , made Japan realize the possible liberating effect that its growing nuclear industry existing at that may cause by making it less dependent on oil imports ( Nuclear Power in Japan

Japan 's nuclear research program started in 1954 ( Nuclear Power in Japan ) Its first commercial nuclear power plant was built in Ibaraki Prefecture in 1966 . The number of reactors operating around the country has reached fifty-two in March 2002 . At present , about one-third of the country 's electricity comes from nuclear power . It is planned...

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