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Alexander the Great & Julius Caeasar : Difference in Leadership Qualities






Difference Between Julius Caesar and Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar are two very important and influential men in the history of the world . Alexander was a Greek king and a military commander of one of the most successful armies in the world during the ancient times . Likewise , Julius Caesar was a military leader and at the helm in the founding of the Roman Empire . These two great men sought to rule and conquer the world , and they almost did

though using different tactics . Their leadership styles were different An analysis of Alexander achievements and deeds indicates that he espoused democracy and admonished to the philosophers who revered Alexander write about his greatness and how the states that he conquered felt , as Nicholas Martis notes states which never got to know Alexander were as though they had never seen the light of the sun ( HYPERLINK "http /www .helleniclemserve .com http /www .helleniclemserve .com

Although both are deified , it is Alexander 's deeds that are considered to be the foundation of western civilization while Caesar is noted for his despotic and autocratic tendencies . Julius Caesar conquered and spread the influence of the Roman Empire as well as its civilization deep into Europe to a point that almost all the future leaders were to be named after him . Caesar was born into a traditional influential and respected family . It is this influence that he used to mount his way to the top of the Roman leadership . His exploits in warfare and military conquests are legendary although he had at first concentrated in pursuing political endeavors (Thomas , Carol G , 17

He won the first elections in his political career at the early forties . He was elected into the consul , an influential post at the time . He possessed both charisma and leadership tactics that would see him enjoy a fanatical following . His first deed upon the entry into the counsel was to initiate efforts to curtail the influence and the powers of the democratic government and the senate . His election into the consul was however not without controversy . There were allegations of bribing and collusion between the parties involved to see Caesar being elected into the senior most magistry post in Rome

Julius was so cunning and after the amassment of power and wealth . In pursuit of that he joined forces with other two wealthy and very influential individuals in the empire to form what came to be known as the First Triumvirate . This is further seen in his personal choices of the family he married into or to those he gave his hand to . He married off his daughter to Pompey , a member of the First Triumvirate , thus sealing the informal association . The members of the first triumvirate had taken control of the various portions of the state . He was rather forceful in his pronouncements and legislations in his bid to distribute the vast tracts of land to the needy , he went further as to...

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