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Alcohol and drug abuse causes domestic violence.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Causes Domestic Violence



August 2010

Domestic violence is a term used to define domination in a relationship Physical violence is casually involved in relationships where one tries to control the other . Most of the time , women are the victims of this violence . Different factors have been considered in the occurrence of domestic violence within a relationship . However , the involvement of alcohol and drug abuse in domestic violence has been proven to be two different problems

Before , it is believed that domestic violence happens

when one is intoxicated with drugs or under the influence of alcohol due to number of reports where the batterers are not sober . Other cases that have been reported shows that it is not only women , but also children who experience such abuse within a family

However , further studies revealed that domestic violence is not associated with drug and alcohol abuse . Studies show that not all people become violent when they abuse drugs or alcohol . Most of the time perpetrators abuse alcohol and drugs in order for them to escape the despair they are experiencing due to their status in life or they have too much insecurities from their partners . Frustrations become one of the reasons of their despair so they feel the need to let it out when intoxicated with drugs and drunk

Being addictive to drugs and alcohol is a different problem from battering . Domestic violence is due to factors such as sexual violence intimidation , economic status , and insecurities...

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