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Al Gores `The Assault on Reason`





Al Gores `The Assault on Reason`

Al Gore fully expressed his intention in upholding the use of reason of logic in his book The Assault on Reason ' In this book , he explicitly worked in stressing the importance of employing reason and logic in dealing with local and international concerns rather than being clouded by over compliance to faith and fear . In addition , Gore emphasized that religious faith and fear of certain things must not be allowed to get in the way of properly dealing with

different concerns which shall have great impact on the population being governed

In line with this , Gore magnified the decisions made by President Bush administration and how reason and logic have been displaced in to cater to the President 's desire to implement rules and policies that would rationalize the administration 's decisions . Gore 's attack on the Bush administration centered on Bush acting impulsively after the 9 /11 terrorist attack on the United States ' territorial grounds . Following the attacks in New York , Bush immediately sent troops to Afghanistan to punish the suspected culprits behind the incident

Bush , in his pursuit to defend ' the country from its aggressors rationalized the attack and use of force against the suspected Muslim terrorists . Bush used the people 's inclination towards their religious beliefs in to gain the trust and approval of the Christian community for launching the attacks against the Muslim counterpart , who Bush accused of protecting the terrorists behind the 9 /11 attack . In addition to this , Bush targeted certain Muslim countries with the accusation that these countries were behind the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (WMDs . As such , Bush used religious faith and racist ideologies in to gain immediate support from the American and Christian community , thus rationalizing his actions

In addition to this , Gore also targeted Bush ' self proclamation as the protector against evil . Bush speech went as far as dividing the world into sides : You 're either with us or you are against us (Gore 54 Through this statement , he implied that there was no other rational choice but to side with either the good or the evil ' And such choice is only dependent on siding with the United States government or going against them

Bush ' announcement of the war against Iraq instantly became an international concern . He capitalized on the American people 's fear that was spurred by the attack . In this case , launching the war against Iraq did not seem to be as problematic as it is because the people , as well as Bush acted on impulse and the fear of assault rather than thinking rationally and logically . The fear condemned the people to get into the middle of the war , at the same time , the United States government through the Bush administration took responsibility ' in policing the international community . In Bush ' speech , he stated that This will be a monumental struggle of good versus evil , but good will prevail (Gore 54 . The hegemonic...

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