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Aggression at Home, in the Workplace, and in Schools (Social Psychology)

Aggression at Home , in the Workplace , and in Schools (Social Psychology

One of the most sough social problems in any society is aggression . It inflicts pain and /or damage to places where interaction is present like at home , in the office or even in schools . It hinders positivity for people to develop a normal and positive social life . This paper aims to discuss aggression in its truest sense and certain intervention strategies that can lessen the occurrence of aggression at home which can later develop to other forms of violence . Several factors that

br could contribute to aggression will also be tackled in this research paper

Aggression as commonly defined refers to a behavior that can cause harm (Buss , 2005 . It can occur either physically , verbally or mentally depending on the situation . There are instances that being aggressive and being assertive makes people confused because of the interchangeable meaning . However to define the 2 common types of aggression it could either be psychologically or physiologically . The iQ level of a person can used to determine the capacity to demonstrate aggression since there are tendencies of being impulsive , uncontrolled or unplanned when people have lower intelligence (Buss , 2005 . On the other hand predatory aggression is the contrary of the aforementioned type since people with this type of aggression tends to be goal oriented , planned or controlled

On almost every society , home has been one major source of aggression Most victims are likely to be women since they are prone to physical violence...

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