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Advantages of chip implant

Running Head : Chip Implants

Chip Implants

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Chip Implants

This article gives a detailed of a technology that is placed under the skin of an individual . It carries the personal information of that particular individual and along with this it emits radio signals that assist in identifying an individual . This technology is termed as radio frequency identification chip . This discusses the problems , abuses , guidelines and biometrics associated to this chip

Radio Frequency Identification Chip

Radio frequency identification

chip is a method in which the information is automatically identified . This is done through the process of storing and later retrieving the data by the use of devices termed as RFID transponders or tags . This particular technology requires the support and coordination of an RFID reader or either an RFID tag

Talking about RFID tag , it is a device that is inserted or applied into humans , animals or even a product . This is done so as to track the person or animal by the assistance of radioactive waves . There are a few tags that can be read from a large distance that is beyond human sight Current Use of the Chip

There are many uses and advantages of RFID chip . One of the most recently discovered advantages of the RFID chip is that it does not have to be necessarily placed physically inside the skin of an individual . It can now be tagged on the skin like a barcode and the...

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