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Advantages of USA Patriotic Act is more than its disadvantages






U .S .A Patriotic Act

On October 26th 2001 , President George W . Bush of United States of America signed one of the most controversial Acts of Congress that came to be known as the U .S .A Patriot Act or what is commonly known as the Patriot ' Act . The Act came into being after America experienced one of the deadliest terrorist attacks in its history on September 11of 2001 , the act was enacted to protect America and its citizens . The name of the

Act is an acronym standing for Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act of 2001 (PATRIOT ACT 2001 (John McKay

With this act the authority of the U .S law enforcement experts were expanded to enable the fight and arrest of terrorism both in the U .S and across the globe . The ability of the agencies of law enforcement was increased to an extent that they could intrude into the privacy of individuals where necessary . Such intrusion includes searching of private conversation on telephones , tapping of Internet communication searching of finacial medical and other related records (John McKay

The Act also expanded the scope and authority of the Secretary of the treasury to be able to regulate financial transactions especially of foreigners and also the ability of the law enforcement agencies to detain and deport immigrants who are suspected of acts of terrorism . In this Act also the definition of terrorism was also expanded to include domestic terrorism ' thereby expanding the powers of the law enforcement agencies including the number of activities they could handle (John McKay

In a nutshell therefore , the Patriotic Act was an act that gave the government the ability to utilize its law enforcement machinery to counter any form of terrorism within and without the American territory The Act had the full backing of both houses of congress (John McKay

However the act has continued to generate a lot of controversies and has met stiff resistance from various quarters . Most opponents have continued to point out the weakening of Civil Liberties Protections Also it has been criticized for its authority to allow the detention of immigrants for indefinite periods . It has also been widely viewed as an act that allows law enforcement agencies to intrude in other peoples lives including searching of business and private premises without the authority of the owner , tapping of telephone conversations and internet communication . For this reasons the act has encountered several legal hurdles , where the federal courts have ruled against certain provisions in the Act as unconstitutional (Kevin V . R

There has been varied debate whether the Act is for the good of all American citizens or not . This is going to discuss some of the advantages the Act has on the security not only of the citizens of the United States but the whole world as well

It is worthwhile to note that since the enactment of the Act , there have been...

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