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The Advantages of Educating Women in Developing Countries

The Advantages of Educating Women in Developing Countries

Poverty , gender based discrimination archaic tribal practices perceived religious teachings , and lack of resources have played havoc with the life of women in developing countries . In societies with meager resources , parents consider it more important to educate boys as future bread winners while educating girls is considered less important as their future role in traditional society is at home . [Caldwell Caldwell , 1987] point out that poor people are forced to give preferential treatment to sons over girls in school enrollment . Girls sent to

school often drop out early due to poverty and other social reasons

Poverty is only one of the barriers to female education . Many of the conservative tribal societies prefer to marry off the girls as soon as they reach puberty , sex out side marriage and pregnancies are simply unacceptable in traditional society . This custom of early marriage allows girls little time to acquire more than basic literacy level of education

Traditional role of women in conservative society has been that of dependent to their husbands . Conservative religious groups quote from Quran and Bible and other scriptures to support their views on role of women as mother and helper to their men . Muslim religious groups insist on separate education for little girls adding to the cost of basic education in small villages of a few hundred . The conservative religious belief of woman 's role at home also discourages higher education for girls [Heaton and Cornwall , 1989] . The content of education for women supported by the conservative religious groups is very limited and only prepares women for the subordinate role advocated by traditional religious customs [Takyi , 2002] . It can make them literate , prepare them to be better house keepers but does not support preparing the women for non domestic roles in society

The segregation of sexes in some religions is used as an excuse of not sending the girls to school . Illiterate parents under the misguidance of semi-literate religious people become opposed to inter mixing of genders even at very young age depriving the girl child of opportunity for education . The pro-marriage practices in most of the villages in under-developed countries mean that the girls are married off as early as 12 or 13 giving them little opportunity to continue their education In many developing countries the ratio of male to female literacy is very high [UN Stats , 2005] . In Niger for example , the female literacy ratio of age 15 is barely 15 while that of males is roughly three times this figure at 41 . As more children are now enrolling in schools the literacy rate in the new generations is rising significantly . In 15-24 age group the literacy rate in the same country , Niger , is 23 for females and 56 among males

The data given in [UN Stats , 2005] also shows that conservatism traditional religious values and segregation of gender although not desirable , is not a barrier to literacy . In Saudi Arabia and Iran both traditional Islamic countries have reported...

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