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Advantages/Disadvantages or Monogamy and Polygamy

Running head : Advantages /Disadvantages or Monogamy and Polygamy




Monogamy and polygamy are the typical heterosexual marriage arrangements that exist in the world today . For most people in developed countries a monogamous marriage is the norm while the traditional African and Muslim setting favors the polygamous setting . Christianity discouraged the practice of marrying many wives although Judaism did not prohibit more than one woman as was evidenced by biblical scriptures that tell of Solomon 's 300 wives and 700 concubines . In Victorian times it was normal for

man to have a wife and a mistress as well . The role of the mistress was similar to that of a second wife and was generally accepted as the modus operandi

Today the tabloids have screaming headlines when a society high flier is found out to have a mistress . In France , the keeping of a mistress is socially accepted and divulging information of this nature enhances the stature of the man rather than cause a scandal . In African and Muslim countries the practice of polygamy is allowed under the African traditional marriage acts and the Muslim religious practices which allow a man to marry up to 4 wives (Nasir , 1994 . Prior to the coming of the white missionaries , polygamous marriages were common in all African tribes . The more wives one had , the wealthier he was considered Polygamous men were regarded as being endowed with sexual prowess and machismo . In the current setting , the educated elite and the illiterate villager seek a second wife to satisfy their egos or to ensure they sire an heir especially if the first wife only bears him girls . This will examine the practice of monogamy among Christian families and polygamy in the Islamic culture

Polygamy in Islamic traditions evolved out of the need to care for women widowed by the deaths of their husbands in wars . The prophet Mohammed saw the importance of those able bodied men to cater for the families of their colleagues that had perished . Thus as a practice it was more of a compassionate response to a social problem . Socially it helped to maintain families together and reduce the incidences of immorality by providing for the needs of the widows and their children Further , the practice was a means of ensuring the continuance of a lineage by allowing for the man to take another wife in the event that his wife was barren or could only bear female children . Rather than divorce her , Islam permitted the man to take up another spouse to ensure that an heir could be born

Instances arose where a wife may suffer from a chronic illness . Under such circumstances , the man would be deprived of sexual contact with his spouse . To guard against illicit relationships , Islam allowed polygamy as to prevent the man from the sin of adultery . With the number of women outnumbering men , marrying more than one wife was a system that deterred women from resorting to prostitution to satisfy their sexual desires (Maqsood...

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